Agent GirlPower Has Arrived

Agent GirlPower Has Arrived


I visited Marrakech for the first time last September, and while I was there I happened to meet an incredible woman. Her name is Maryam Montague, and she founded Project Soar, a nonprofit that empowers teenage girls in the Arab world. Visiting Project Soar for the first time and learning about the program was one of those experiences that I’ll never forget. Maryam’s humanitarian passion shines through every aspect of Project Soar, and you can see her utter dedication and love for these girls, like they are her own children. Project Soar provides empowerment workshops to keep the girls in school and prepare them for their futures – something that is desperately needed here. It’s absolutely beautiful and so humbling. After getting to know Maryam a little better, it’s not hard to fall in love with her – her drive and passion are infectious. Not to mention, she is so much fun!

Fast forward about a month later and I am back in Marrakech. Maryam tells me that she is designing a clothing line, but not just any ordinary one. Welcome to Agent GirlPower. Agent GirlPower is the first ethical feminist fashion clothing brand in the Arab world. It’s a brand that aims to create solidarity between Arab and Western feminists, as the apparel features feminist messaging in both Arabic and English. It seeks to show the belief that feminists are stronger when united together. The first Agent GirlPower collection is made up of 10 ethically-made items of clothing and jewelry. True to it’s values, the entire collection is fair-trade. The clothing is being made in India, primarily by women, with certified organic cotton. The jewelry is being made by women in Kenya, using recycled brass.

I was absolutely blown away by this, and loved the concept! Then, Maryam asks me to be a part of the campaign and that she has a video crew flying in from Austin, TX (my home town – what are the odds?!) to film the campaign, which is launching TODAY on Kickstarter! Filming this campaign in Marrakech alongside of some of the most inspiring and talented women, including Moroccan actress Ouidad Elma and feminist pop-star Manal BK, was serious magic. We have this complete sisterhood bond that grows stronger each day.

Agent GirlPower sends a message of solidarity and strength amongst women everywhere, and encourages us to wear our feminist values on our sleeves. Not to mention, the clothing and jewelry are totally badass. It’s a message that is so important and needs to be heard. It’s time for our world to change. I’m so excited to announce that today, on International Women’s Day, is the launch of this incredible campaign. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to get the Agent GirlPower clothing line funded for future collections, and profits made from the collection will go to Maryam’s nonprofit, Project Soar.

Click here to see the full Kickstarter campaign. I hope that you will be inspired by this incredible message, and be a part of this amazing journey that has truly touched my heart forever.


Part of the amazing AGP squad during the campaign shoot in Marrakech, wearing our gear!


AGP sweatshirt, beanie and necklace



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