Marrakech Photo-Diary

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Marrakech Photo-Diary


I spent an incredible month in Marrakech Morocco, also known as “The Red City”. I had been seeing photos and hearing of Marrakech for some time now, and wanted to experience this place for myself badly so was elated when I finally touched down. In some ways it was as I expected – amazing markets filled with treasures, stunning interior design and detail, and teas and spices galore. But, Marrakech was pleasantly surprising in other ways as well. Other than having some of the most beautiful design and decor I’ve ever seen, the Moroccan people are incredible sweet and hospitable, the food is delicious, and the vibe is pretty chill (with the exception of the crazy driving!) It is culturally rich in every way, as Marrakech draws in an interesting crowd as it is a big artist and fashion community – the late and great YSL had a home here called Jardin Marjorelle, which is now open to the public. It is hours from the ocean on one side, and has the great Sahara Desert on the other side which provides for an interesting landscape. Marrakech is a place with a very special energy, and a place that holds a special place in my heart. I’m doing some exciting projects here and look forward to being back soon!

Here are a few snaps from my trip.




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    Loved seeing the pictures. What an incredible place. Would love to see it. I went to Morocco when I was much younger, and enjoyed it so much then,


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