Welcome to the Ambhasaa Life

Welcome to the Ambhasaa Life

Travel has always been my passion and the ocean has always called my name. There’s something about the feeling I get when I hear, smell and see the ocean. There’s an overwhelming calmness and serenity that takes over all my senses and I immediately feel at peace. The turquoise water of the Caribbean has especially captured my heart ever since I saw it as a child when our family would vacation to the Bahamas, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Ambhasaa is a Sanskrit word meaning “by the water”. It’s a place for me to share my beautiful Caribbean adventures with you, and show the Caribbean through my eyes. The “Ambhasaa Life” as I like to call it celebrates a relaxed yet glamorous and bohemian yet luxe lifestyle. Throughout my journey, I will weave in aspects of health & wellness, style and beauty – all things that I’m passionate about and things that create a complete beach lifestyle. On Ambhasaa you’ll discover breathtaking beaches, glamorous hotels, beauty secrets and other insider island information. I hope you love this journey as much as I do, and feel inspired to create your own beautiful life by the water, wherever that may be.

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